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    Person-organization fit is the most critical factor in predicting future success.

    talentFIT is a Victoria based firm that places exceptional finance and IT professionals in British Columbia on both a contract and permanent basis.

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    Finding your preciseFIT

    We use methods which are proven, reliable, and verifiable to determine fit. This work is in addition to detailed interview, reference checks, and other traditional techniques. We will assist you in finding a single professional or assembling an entire team for maximum effectiveness.

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    Special Offer for BC organizations (extended to December 31, 2022) from talentFIT: measure your organizational culture using the state-of-the-art Counterpart Match system.

    Now you can actively create the work environment that will attract the type of people who will deliver the results you want!

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preciseFIT Framework

  • Highly objective, unbiased, and repeatable
  • Empirically based
  • Tested and proven accurate – more than 200 organizations and 1000 candidates in the dataset
  • 100% based on the latest organizational behaviour and psychological research

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