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Extended – until December 31, 2020 we are making a special offer to BC organizations:

1. By going through talentFIT, 10% off the best available price for state-of-the-art measurement of your organizational culture.  For details of the tool utilized please see

2. Free 1 hour consultation by a Counterpart Match Certified Professional to personally review your results.

View a sample organizational culture report

Why Measure Organizational Culture?

1. Recruit people that match your organization’s culture or the culture your organization aspires to.

2. Provides an understanding of your organization’s personality and how it is perceived.

3. Serves as a baseline for organizational change.

4. May highlight challenges faced in a merger situation so they may be addressed systematically.

5. Provide insight on how best to market your organization.

There are unlimited possibilities  

To get started right away and receive this offer contact Vivek Belgaumkar ( today!

As always, most of our contract and all of our permanent resources include a free report to ensure you get exceptional fit between the applicant’s values and your unique organizational culture (at the client’s request).