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TalentFIT’s key differentiator and value add (for clients & applicants) is our use of organizational fit as a placement factor along with experience and other job related qualifications.  This allows us to assist Finance & IT professionals in finding a contract (or permanent position) at an organization that their personality, style of work, and other important factors are a good match with.  To do this we measure applicant personality as well as organizational culture and work to achieve person-organization (P-O) fit through a unique, proprietary, framework known as Counterpart Match.

We have partnered with CounterpartMatch, a Canadian company and inventor of the Counterpart Match system to administer the surveys and complete the analysis.  CounterpartMatch is headquartered in Calgary and managed by Dr. Derek Chapman, a leading researcher and renowned expert in the field of person-organizational fit.

Steps to Complete the Survey

Please go to click on ‘applicants’ and follow the instructions. You will get an e-mail from with your code and a link to the login page in the e-mail.  Copy the code and paste it when prompted at the link.


1. You will be prompted for a survey code.  Please go to the following link at CounterpartMatch to have a code emailed to you if you do not already have one:

2. Go to the following link:

3. Enter the code when prompted and complete the survey (it takes about 30 minutes).


1.  All data is stored securely and strictly confidential.  It will only be used by talentFIT and CounterpartMatch for P-O fit analysis and research purposes.

2. Reports based on the survey data are not generated until there is a corresponding organization you are being proposed for.

3. We welcome your feedback and input on the survey.


Vivek Belgaumkar, MBA