Answers to 10 top FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does talentFIT do?  We supply top finance and IT people to clients for project as well as operational work.  We also provide niche consulting services in the area or organizational culture and person-organization fit.
  2. Under what terms do you hire consultants?  We contract or hire consultants to provide services for our clients.  Terms can vary.
  3. What market(s) do you serve?  We currently serve British Columbia with the vast majority of work taking place in Victoria, Vancouver, and surrounding areas.
  4. What separates you from a consulting company?  We manage our contracts based on time & materials.  We do not undertake fixed price contract work as do most consulting firms.
  5. How are you different from other staffing firms?  We use Counterpart Match, part of our preciseFIT framework.  It is scientifically based and rigorously tested and allows clients to hire people who best fit their organization’s culture.  We use this as one of our key placement factors along with experience and qualifications.
  6. Who are your typical clients?  We work with all types of organizations from small start-ups, to large private sector companies, to government.
  7. Will you work with us on an RFP?  We can supply you staff if you win the RFP.  We may consider bidding with you in some circumstances as well.
  8. How quickly can you get us some good candidates?  Usually within 48 hours and potentially sooner than that.  Turnaround depends on the skill-set, location, and availability at the time however we will make every effort to get you the best people quickly.
  9. How are Business Analyst rates these days?  This of course changes based on market factors however approximate rates have been $75-95/hour recently.
  10. Why do clients typically use your services?  Clients use us for the value we add to their organizations.  This includes access to top talent, quick candidate proposals, and our rigorous recruiting process.  Many clients also insist on talentFIT because of our ability to get the best new hire fit with their organizations through our proprietary model.