Our Process

  • Our preciseFIT framework is designed to get you the best people suited to your organization and business objectives.  We start with top finance and IT professionals - people who have solid track records, excellent qualifications, and come to us highly regarded by their referrals and references.  These people love what they do and it shows in their work.
  • As part of qualification to be in the talentFIT network they meet with us for a detailed interview and we conduct reference checks from past supervisors to gain a qualitative understanding of their work quality, style, team functioning, and other important elements.
  • Those successful in moving to the next step are invited to complete Counterpart Match, an integral part of our preciseFIT framework designed to determine the professional’s preferred environment, work style, motivations, and several other critical areas.
  • We then match this half of the Counterpart Match to the results of the other half – the organizational culture component.
  • The resulting Counterpart Match is an objective and highly reliable measure of how well the professional matches the organization’s work environment and culture.  People we propose to you the client are those who are a great fit for both the job and your organization.
  • The Counterpart Match Report comes in 3 versions depending on the type of position you are recruiting for, detail desired, and other requirements.





View a sample Counterpart Match report – Basic Version

View a sample Counterpart Match report – Advanced Version

View a sample Counterpart Match report – Executive Version