Why We’re Different

  • talentFIT offers you local responsiveness, a large qualified applicant pool, and speedy submission of candidates.  However, we offer services with one crucial difference - our focus on person-organization fit (as part of our preciseFIT framework) along with experience and qualifications as core placement criteria.
  • Recent studies have indicated that 45% of new hires that were identified as poor recruiting decisions were due to a lack of fit with the organizational culture.  In Victoria, person-organization fit was the second most important hiring criterion identified (talentFIT Dec 09 Survey Results) by employers.  Almost all organizations however did not have a structured, repeatable means of assessing new hires for this critical characteristic.
  • As part of preciseFIT, we have access to Counterpart Match, a proprietary organizational fit assessment tool offering a structured and repeatable means of assessing contractor and employee fit with your organization’s culture.  It is research-based, rigorous, thoroughly proven, and objective.  Counterpart Match was developed by one of Canada’s foremost experts in person-organization fit and is available only through talentFIT. Learn more..
  • People placed using Counterpart Match will be happier, more productive, and more effective as part of your team.  You will experience improved staff performance and morale, better top performer retention, and a more confident team poised to take advantage of future growth opportunities.