Over the last few months I have been asked a number of times why I decided to start a business and become self employed amidst one of the worst recessions ever? Also, why did I decide to start a staffing company?

These are good questions

I remember always being a business minded type. For example I was in Junior Achievement in elementary school and also used to hold frequent garage sales to help my neighbors in Regina sell off the stuff they no longer needed. Inevitably the neighbors and I would often end up buying stuff from each other or trading!

So much for clearing out the old stuff

In doing this I learnt the art of negotiation, marketing, and sales. Before long, people were calling on me when they needed to sell something. In the Junior Achievement role I further my interest in business by making and selling tow ropes to help drivers in the snowy Saskatchewan winters. I would pick snowy days and then go door to door selling them in -30C weather. Many people found these ropes in their trunk to be an inexpensive type of insurance and a great way to support kids.

The reasons I like garage sales and selling tow ropes actually has a lot to do with why I got into engineering later on and then into consulting & staffing, and my present role.

In all these endeavors I have a chance to offer a unique product or service at a time when it adds value to all concerned. Creating win-win scenarios and providing a product/service as a unique solution has always given me tremendous satisfaction and happiness. Becoming self employed allows me to achieve this on a potentially larger scale. As for the recession, well any business which has been around for awhile will go through one so why not start towards the end of one?

So why start a staffing business? I found I enjoy this type of work – dealing with people, helping organizations assess their needs, and facilitating transactions which are win-win. Really, very similar to work I had done at the beginning of my career albeit in a slightly different capacity. In 2008 when I worked for another firm, the satisfaction I experienced when I successfully matched people with roles went far beyond closing the initial deal. I felt like I was an integral part of their team and it was always nice when happy clients and consultants referred me to their colleagues.

However, my reason to start this type of business goes deeper than just a desire for win-win placements but to redefine what this means and take it to the next level. Over my 15 year career to date I have had the opportunity to see people who love as well as despise their jobs. While most of us fall somewhere in the middle, it is clear that the closer we are to really liking the work we do the better off we would be (emotionally and economically). Similarly, so too would the organization we work with.

Think of it – on a BC and national scale we would be happier, more productive, and yes richer. Unequivocally, a true winning scenario for all concerned. I would be very happy to be part of making this happen.